Every other Sunday you’ll find Bammy AKA The Drunk Punk playing a couple of hours of top class music, maybe even a bit of punk! One thing’s for sure, he’ll likely be tipsy! You’ll find the last ten shows here, all the rest can be heard at https://mixlr.com/sfr/showreel

The Drunk Punk Where The Fuck Is Walsoken?
The Drunk Punk: The Bowie Show
The Drunk Punk: Bah Humbug
The Drunk Punk: Very Random
The Drunk Punk: Around The World
The Drunk Punk: Ska’d For Life
The Drunk Punk: One Hit Wonders
The Drunk Punk – Get Your Rocks Off 5
The Drunk Punk – That 80’s Show
The Drunk Punk – Get Your Rocks Off 4