The Molotovs: The Lincoln Imp – Scunthorpe 23/04/22

Way back in time, a young man had some pictures he had taken of his favourite band at their concerts he had attended.
He then sent one of his photos to the fan club. He got a reply from the front man, saying how much he liked them, so he sent some more. The singer’s mum got back in touch, and invited him round to show her some more, which, again, she liked, and she invited him to a photo shoot.
On the 31st August 1981, along with some other fans, they gathered in at Chiswick House in London. Our man fired off some shots.
The man in question was Derek D’Souza, the band were The Jam, and one of these photos was chosen to be the rear shot for the Absolute Beginners single’s sleeve.

Fast forward 41 years and yours truly is looking through social media and sees a photo by Derek on Facebook (we’d met at a March Of The Mods I played in Camden). It is of another three piece London Band, taken recently. The photo gets me interested straight away, simply by the way it looks. Three kids, shot from above, all wearing Union Flag type jackets. I am intrigued.

photo copyright of Derek D’Souza

I follow the links to the story and it seems that the band have just won a ‘Battle Of The Bands’ competition. I click on a YouTube link, and it’s a live performance at said BOTB, where they smash through Rebel Rebel. The rabbit hole has opened up, and I am falling down it. Next up is another live video, this time they’re onstage as support to The Libertines! WHO ARE THIS BAND?

Turns out they’re called The Molotovs, and currently they mostly do cover versions, but they are writing their own material too. Back to Facebook and google to find out more information. They are…
Ice: drums/vocals
Issey: bass/vocals
Matthew: guitar/vocals
They’re from London, they’re all still “studying” (not nailed down their actual ages, but they’re young) and they are gaining popularity. A bit more detective work and I get a message from Simon, Matthew and Issey’s dad. He thanks me for my interest and sends me four self penned tracks which I play on my radio shows. Then I see they’re making the trip up north to play in Scunthorpe. Now I know Scunthorpe, and I am familiar with the Lincoln Imp where they are to play. An hour road trip, six pounds a ticket, me and The enemy are having a night out!

The Imp is nothing flash. Never has been. But it IS perfect for live music. When we arrive, the first support is onstage (never caught his name) we decide to go for a pint (well I do, The Enemy is driving) so go into the other bar. Whilst in there I introduce myself to proud parents Simon and Olivia, Simon a Scunthorpe lad born and bred but has been living down south for a long time now, and has combined the gig with catching up with old friends and family.
They tell me how happy they are with the current support that The Molotovs are getting, and that Nicky Weller (PW’s sister) actually gave them a big shout on BBC Sounds the other week. They also thank me for the airplay I’ve given them. I tell them they’re worth it. They depart into the music room, Myself and The Enemy get another drink and follow them through.
Another support band, Sabella, are doing their thing, and rather good they are too, but they’re not the reason we’ve made the trip.

Before long The Molotovs hit the stage. Going 100mph into two self penned songs, they are instantly everything I expected, yet more. What follows are another fifteen songs, including two more of their own. Matthew jumping about like a cross between Weller, Strummer and Armstrong (who’s American Idiot is played with an intensity Green Day wish they still had).
Song after song Ice is walloping the kit with complete fury and Issey keeping the bass riffs flowing like someone double her age.

Boys Don’t Cry, Down In The Tube Station At Midnight, I Predict A riot, are highlights, Teenage Kicks and My Generation taking on a brand new meaning, this is a youth revolution!
An unexpected treat was a version of Walk Like An Egyptian, which if you’d told me before, I would have questioned its inclusion, but… IT WORKED!!! It all worked.
It’s all over in a flash, a version of Johnny B. Goode ending the set.

But we couldn’t let them go that easily, the crowd urging them for another.
Cigarettes And Alcohol and another play of their own song Newsflash finally brings the night to an end. I have a dab on, my throat is starting to feel raw due to singing my head off, but i have a massive grin on my face.
We go over and say our goodbyes to Simon and Olivia, and leave, with something Simon said going through my head…

“People look at them and imagine they’re just another student band. Then they see the Rickenbacker, see that it isn’t there for show, then hear them and realise, they ARE the real deal”

And that’s the thing. They truly ARE the real deal, and if they continue at this pace, and bring us more of their own songs with the quality of the four they played tonight, then they are going to get all they are working towards and deserve.
I truly believe that.

Party At The Weekend*
Suffragette City
Teenage Kicks
Should I Stay or Should I Go
Boys Don’t Cry
American Idiot
Anarchy In The UK
Down In The Tube Station At Midnight 
More More More*
Victims Of The Ballroom Dance*
I Predict A Riot
Walk Like An Egyptian 
I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
My Generation 
Johnny B Goode

Cigarettes And Alcohol 

*Molotovs original tracks.

Barnsley Sime 24/04/22