so, you’re fed up of just listening and you’ve decided you want to host your own show here on SFR? first things first then.







SFR uses Mixlr to broadcast. you can go to and download the free broadcast tool. if you get it set up, have a practice, then when you are ready i can give you the login details for the SFR account (just log out of the free and back in as us) and you’re off. relatively easy to set up, just need to tell it what to listen to. 

I do my show live, i just prefer it that way, it keeps me on my toes. if you’d prefer to pre-record, that’s ok. basic tools to start are the Mixlr broadcast tool, a boat load of MP3s, a PC or laptop, a microphone and some headphones.

now personally i have my decks, mic and laptop running through a mixer, into the mic input of the PC and that’s where i run the Mixlr broadcast tool. means i can play anything i want, it’s all picked up by mixlr. 
again, depending on what you have, depends on what you want to do. if you don’t fancy talking, not a problem.

Bammy does a 2.5hr show every other Sunday from 7:30pm
Craig does his 2.5hr show every Tuesday from 8pm
I do a 4hr simulcast show every Friday from 8pm and 2hr every other Sunday from 10am.

YOU are free to do whenever you want, as long as it doesn’t clash with anything scheduled

if you want to do it as and when you can, great, if you want the same slot every week, once a month, whatever, also great. it’s a no pressure thing. there’s no money in it, just the love of the music and the chance to spread that love. if you say you’re going to do a show, and can’t, don’t panic, the real world can get in the way of enjoying ourselves, i get that. but, again, up to you. just make sure nobody ellse has anything planned.

as i said earlier, if you have a PC/laptop, some tunes and (but not important) a microphone, the airwaves are yours.

by doing it with SFR though, you get the benefit of the Premium Legacy Service that i pay for (not a big amount, and cheaper cos i’ve been paying them 9 years) which means a showreel where you’ll be able to upload your shows to (any you do will be recorded locally to YOUR system) and i can then add them from my end to our Mixcloud page and here on the SFR website. 

play what you want. don’t worry about swearing as long as it ain’t all the time, try and keep religion & politics to a minimum (i can’t say don’t mention it at all, as my lefty side takes over far too much sometimes) but most of all ENJOY IT!

so there you go. if you have any questions, or need any help, just EMAIL ME: i may not answer straight away due to the real world, but i WILL get back to you. 

i must stress, as i have with anybody who’s ever done a show, there is NO pressure. you want to do a show, do one, as and when you please. except for mondays, every other sunday or thursdays. just check the diary HERE