Formed way back in 2004 as Scooter-Forums Radio, we then evolved into Solid Front Radio, loosely based around Mod/60s Beat/Soul/Ska. as we’ve grown our musical spectrum has broadened, we now include Punk and Indie! Seriously though, pretty much anything goes, but you’ll find none of that x-factor rubbish here folks. Just great tunes, with egoless dj’s who’s passion is music. If you follow us at you’ll receive automatic reminders and hour before live shows start, and then when they go live!

Sime & Bammy are still doing fortnightly Sunday morning and evening shows.
Sime is doing Fridays when he can.

If you fancy doing a show here, check out the Be A DJ page, then get in touch.


Andy Lewis “Some of the best radio shows and DJs are on the Internet rather than yer actual transistor wireless e.g. this one”

Ian Vernon “Have a listen folks, Sime is knocking it out of the park again tonight”

Jason Groom “Wow…just wow. What a show”

Dave Lord “Doffs cap”

Ade Drums “There’s tonnes of stuff on the internet that I could be doing, but I always look forward to Thursday nights…. thanks for doing it x”

Birdo Jane “That was the most heartfelt set I have ever heard. Thank you for making radio so much fun.”

Vinyl Revival “a banging playlist”

Andy “not been here for a while but tonight I made a great choice”

Sonny Sparks “Brilliant just on it now. No messing from the very first tune…boom!!”

Shoe Shine “thoroughly cracking show”

Jason Ramsey “Great show, one of your best”

Ian Vernon “loved the show”

Martin Gaughan “Fantastic show”

Ian Horton “great tunes top night “

Trev Symcox “The best show so far IMO – fantastic eclectic stuff. Respect”

Bob Amato “your fans have great taste”

Dave “sounds great, thank you for the great shows, addicted i am. thanks for making radio how it should be”