NEW to this great town of ours is an online listings and review magazine, aptly called “ON in Barnsley”.

i’ll let Craig tell you more.

“ON! in Barnsley! began when I was searching for something to do. I fancied seeing a band, but wasn’t sure what venues we had in Barnsley to see what I wanted. So I began to look around on Social Media and the internet.

There was a lot of information on the face of it, but it seemed very disjointed. It wasn’t in Barnsley, or the venue wasn’t listed correctly. Dates were missing, or bands had failed to keep their EVENTS listings in facebook up to date – I could see where they had played last month, but not where they were going to be THIS month! The same was true of acts in clubs, or theatre productions. Many many people, all with their own pages (of varying quality) that one had to trawl through to see what was ON!

I took it upon myself to “get it together”, and ON! in barnsley! is the result!

I decided that people might want to know exactly what each band, or each play was about. I decided that interviews or In-Depth pieces would be a great addition to the listings! I also decided I would add venues in their own list, so people could contact them directly. Add in a few listings of nationwide events (for the big shows or big acts) and there we have it!

ON! in Barnsley! was born!Please, share the link to the current magazine! Get the word out there!”

to read the latest issue (which has a feature on SFR), then click the image.

if you want anythng featuring in upcoming issues, then contact Craig: