well, sort of….

a few folks have asked over the last couple of weeks about the possible return of The Sunday Social. and lo, here it is!


don’t thank me though, thank The Enemy.

i stopped doing the regular social as i was not seeing anything of her. i only get saturday and sunday off, so sitting here for (what eventually became) six hours, most of which she was trying to sleep through wasn’t exactly fair. but we talked about it last weekend and it has been agreed that i shall do one once a month on the third sunday.

pretty much the same format as before, but this time with added Enemy. yes, she has also agreed to join me. music, chat and most importantly, requests.

so if you have anything you want me to play then simply get in touch by tweeting @sfrstudio and using #sfrtss or emailing then tune into where you can listen and join in the natter.

hope to see you there, we kick off at 8pm.


barnsley sime.