hello there:
as some of you may have noticed, we have been very quiet on here this year. this is due to a few personal issues with most of the djs, and some of my own that i have had to deal with (all with happy endings i may add). the rest of the year may be a tad quiet from me too, i AM going to be doing a regular Wednesday MORNING SESSION, which i must now that i have received sponsorship for them! (see front page).
i shall be doing my annual christmas eve show also. then we shall have a bit of a shake up in the new year.
i shall be trying to tempt some fresh blood onto SFR and see what that brings.
also you may have noticed the lack of a player on the front page. this is something out of my hands, and something i have been trying with the help of mixlr’s team to put right. see attached email correspondence. 
the shows are still available to listen to at our mixlr page: http://www.mixlr.com/sfr as well as the showreel full of over 500 old shows.(subscribe via iTunes at our mixlr home page and receive them all FOR FREE!)
for now, thanks
barnsley sime.
i recently tweeted & mailed mixlr regarding the trouble i was having embedding their player into the SFR website, despite following their instructions. as always, they gave me a swift response. as you can also see they have included a link to a form to use to send them feedback. if any of you want to do so, i would greatly appreciate it, but i would ask that you do so in a respectful manner, as just writing nasty comments will not get us or mixlr any closer to getting the player sorted. 
Hey Sime, 
I saw your tweet and wanted to drop you an email to explain what’s been going on with the embeddable player for
WordPress.com. We built and submitted a plugin for WordPress.com a while ago (when we last spoke), however WordPress have not approved the plugin. It turns out getting an embeddable integration with them is no easy task, but it’s one we’re working on. 
In the meantime, what would really help, is if they could see the demand for our player on WordPress.com, therefore if you wanted to drop them a message about this, it may help. If you have a paid upgrade account, then you can use the contact support form. If you don’t have a paid upgrade, then you can post to the community forum.
Without getting too technical, our old player worked on WordPress as it was built in flash which could be embedded into their site, however it wasn’t accessible via a whole host of devices, which is why we rebuilt it. 
I’m sorry we don’t have a more positive answer for you at the moment, I’m sure you’re finding the situation pretty frustrating, as are we. 
ayup Laura,
maybe it’s not a positive reply, but as always it’s a quick one that explains the situation clearly.
I admit, I am far from being anything like technologically savvy, however, I always have managed to follow any instructions that you guys (and gals) at mixlr give, so it comes as no surprise to find that it is a wordpress issue.
I shall indeed be getting in touch with them and I shall also ask the rest of SFR’s dj’s to do the same. in my mind, they are playing a risky game as people will find other sites that CAN embed the mixlr player.
as always I send my appreciation for the response to yet another query, and thank you for your help and continued support of ALL us that use your service.
Barnsley Sime. SFR.
Thanks Sime, really appreciate it! Let me know how you get on with WordPress and if there’s anything we can do to help.

Have a great weekend 🙂